Shenba's "Nallathor Veenai" - Story Thread

Discussion in 'Writer's Spot (Serial Stories)' started by Flamingo, Feb 9, 2017.

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    Nallathor Veenai

    Dear Ladyswings friends,

    Its time to welcome our eminent writer Shenba with her next story "Nallathor Veenai". The title itself explains about the story line of the story... Please give her your full support for her story through your comments and suggestions. Read the updates in this thread and post your comments only in the following thread:

    Shenba's "Nallathor Veenai" - Comments thread
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    Nallathor Veenai Seithe...

    Hi Friends, I know you must be wondering why she is starting a new story even after saying " I won't start a new story before completing my on going one's"

    As today is a auspicious day to start a story I am just starting a new thread for the story. After finishing the Vijay story and Anu story I will start to give my new story's update by the next week. I will continue the Sriram story along with the new one.

    Madhavan - Meera. Does the name match alone is enough to decide a person's marriage life??

    Does the life goes smooth if the marriage has taken place by the compulsion of the parents??

    What will be a girl's reactions and how she is emotionally affected when she comes to know her husband's love towards her is a marriage??

    Does her life blossom when her husband comes back to her??

    You will find the answer for these questions through Nalathoor Veenai!

    4a7b4cdd5f76b9999d3e8e56767e8430_400x400.jpeg Sri-Divya-at-Kaashmora-press-meet-(27)1181.jpg
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